Paper Wallet Guide: How to Protect Your Cryptocurrency

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Ideally, also you’d use the program on a device with up-to-date antivirus and malware detection software. This won’t always be feasible, but at the very least, you should run a free malware check on your computer before generating the keys. While a custodial wallet may be considered less secure than a non-custodial wallet, many prefer them because they don’t require as much responsibility and are u…

However, you can’t simply write a seed phrase on the paper and call it a day. The process of creating a paper wallet involves generating a private key and a corresponding address, which are done using specialized software or online tools. Deterministic methods and hardware wallets have rendered the bitcoin paper wallet obsolete. You should simply consider paper wallets too cumbersome and unsafe to use.

  • You should download a wallet generator to your device and generate a wallet offline.
  • A private key (or seed phrase) is like the password for a Bitcoin wallet.
  • “Sweeping” the private keys from a paper wallet into a software or mobile wallet avoids this problem, as the keys are transferred to a new location in their entirety.
  • Either way, your private keys are kept completely offline and secure from any online threats.
  • For those seeking the most secure form of storage, cold wallets are the way to go.
  • You can also use a private key generator, but avoid web-based generators because they are vulnerable to a variety of confidentiality threats affecting the private key.

While paper wallets were once considered one of the best ways to secure large holdings of cryptocurrency, other methods of cold storage are now the gold standard. If you’re curious about creating one, be sure to check out How To Make a Paper Wallet. Analog cold storage wallets besides paper wallets have been created, including “physical bitcoins” such as Casascius Coins. The private key is etched in metal beneath a tamper-proof holographic sticker.

This is basically like serving up your key to hackers on a silver platter. Do NOT use online wallets to store huge amounts of your money. Anyone with a paper wallet’s public key can send crypto to it as often as they like. Using the corresponding private key, you can move the crypto balance of the paper wallet into a software wallet. This transfers the funds to a new private key on your software wallet.

Web Wallets

In general, hot wallets are more convenient, while cold wallets are safer. To access cryptos stored in a paper wallet, you need to import its private key into a compatible digital wallet. Note that the paper wallet is no longer considered secure after doing this.

You can plug them into your PC when you need to transfer coins in or out and unplug them afterwards. It has to be in a place where it would be protected from elemental threats. Therefore, it cannot be stored somewhere where it could be endangered by fire, water for example.

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The benefit of a DEX is it allows crypto trading through decentralized apps, and it may not require tons of credentials for signing in. The Exodus crypto wallet supports more than 225 cryptocurrencies. For those new to crypto, Exodus offers a plethora of educational materials and explanatory videos to enhance your knowledge of specific cryptos. At the end of the day, you are still dependent on a third party to create a robust wallet for you. If they make a mistake during production, then it doesn’t matter how cautious you are. In fact, in September 2020, ShiftCrypto, the company behind BitBox hardware wallet, uncovered a major vulnerability in its two competitors – Trezor and KeepKey.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

“Sweeping” the private keys from a paper wallet into a software or mobile wallet avoids this problem, as the keys are transferred to a new location in their entirety. Download bitaddress source code as a zip file on the lower part of the web page, open the software, generate and print your paper wallet. Creating a paper wallet can be as simple as writing your keys down on paper to using an app to generate a QR code, and printing the key and code. A paper wallet is a form of cold storage because it removes internet accessibility. Paper wallets were once the most secure method for storing cryptocurrency.

The paper wallet is subject to a number of real-world but avoidable risks. In some ways, the printed method of storing keys was a distinct improvement over purely online storage methods back in 2011. Of course, you will then need to send this key pair to a printer to create the paper wallet itself.

How do you create a paper wallet?

They offer a convenient and affordable way to lock away your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various other cryptocurrencies. Creating a paper wallet and storing the funds within them is the easy part. Given its nature, paper wallets are primarily used for storing crypto that you bought as a long-term investment. So, in order to keep the wallet and the funds safe, you need to store the wallet carefully. You should download a wallet generator to your device and generate a wallet offline.

It has been optimized for easy setup and underwent rigorous testing in all manner of extreme destructive conditions. Because the paper itself could be lost, stolen, observed by unwanted parties, burned, faded or sustain water damage. These printed characters cannot and should not be assumed to have correctly transferred to the paper. Devices malfunction and other unexpected mishaps can result in your keys and/or QR codes being printed incorrectly. Like there are many ways to store your cash, there are many ways to stash your crypto. To learn more about our rating and review methodology and editorial process, check out our guide on How Forbes Advisor Rates Investing Products.

Paper wallets are a type of cold storage, or offline storage. This means they are not constantly connected to the internet, like any hot wallet. As such, they are impossible to hack, so any cryptocurrencies you store within them will remain safe. The only danger of losing your funds is when someone gets their hands on the paper wallet. To put it simply, it’s a physical printout that holds the details of your wallet address. Both are necessary in order to carry out crypto transactions and provide your digital signature.

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Under no circumstances should you ever lose your private key. If you lose your private key, then you are SCREWED (yes, uppercase has been used to emphasize the gravity of the situation). You should use at least two different techniques to save and store your private keys. We will discuss these various techniques a little later in the article. Let’s think of a real world situation before we understand what public and private keys are.

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As you can see, depositing your funds only takes 30 seconds and only involves one transaction. If you’re buying crypto, you’ll want to explore the crypto wallet best-suited for your needs. You might be interested in holding a portfolio of different coins and tokens in one wallet. There’s a popular expression in the crypto world, “Not your keys, not your coins.” If you don’t control your keys, you don’t have full access to your crypto assets.

For example, if a user has 0.1 BTC on a paper wallet and decides to spend just 0.01 BTC, the remaining 0.09 BTC would automatically go to a change address. If no change address has been established before the transaction, the Bitcoins would simply be lost. A paper wallet is vulnerable to loss what is a paper wallet and damage and can be prone to hacks if generated incorrectly. Below are best practices to ensure your paper wallet is safe. Damage is perhaps the most apparent disadvantage of a paper wallet. The paper’s ink could fade, the paper can get torn, and there’s the risk of water and fire damage.

Benefits of using a paper wallet

A benefit of this coin and similar versions is that they are waterproof and fire resistant. You need to safely store these coins — the same way you would store cash or jewelry. Digital wallets form the backbone of the crypto ecosystem since they store your public address and private key. Depending on what you want to do with your crypto, there are many wallets that you can choose from. However, before we do that, let’s understand the difference between hot and cold wallets. This will import all the data from your paper wallet to your online desktop client.

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