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Six Ways To Conquer Your Fear

With Six Ways to Conquer Your Fear, you will learn to acknowledge and call out your fears. As you continue reading further, you will come across the author’s experiences with a multitude of fears and how Nikia battled each one of them. You will also learn to put an end to the false stories that we tell ourselves not to overcome our fears. With this book’s guidance, you will learn to conquer your fears and move ahead in life. No one merits to live their life in fear, and she wants to help people realize that it is okay to break free and move forward instead of being stuck in one place, fearing one thing or another. The day she broke free from all my fears, the author realized the importance of it. Therefore, Nikia Tull wants to inspire other people to become their best.

Can You See Me, Can You Hear Me, I’m Crying and No One Listening

Reading and hearing the author’s stories will encourage you to take back your voice. The book talks about how to become your person no matter how many times people label you or try to get you to be a follower. You must stand up for yourself, knowing there is a gift inside you that you need to share with others. Sometimes we think that it’s just outside people that can’t see us or hear us, but it’s ourselves that is ignoring the other person that is crying, and we are not listening to it. What happens is that person inside of you is crying out, and you are not listening. The more that feeling creeps up, you keep pushing it down, ignoring it. This causes us to stay in a situation we don’t like. The author will talk about being stronger and more confident about the things you do.

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